Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Vape Kit
Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Vape Kit
Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Vape Kit
Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Vape Kit
Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Vape Kit
Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Vape Kit
Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Vape Kit
Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Vape Kit
Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Vape Kit
Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Vape Kit

Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Vape Kit

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Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Vape Kit

Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Vape Kit


Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Kits - Vapes World

Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Kits are mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping devices with advanced features and fantastic performance. These devices are compatible with the Xlim series kits and have a top-filling system. Moreover, the pods of this amazing device have different coil options. Thus, you can choose according to your vaping style. Vapes World, a reputable online vape shop, offers a variety of vape pod kits from the top brands. 

Features of Xlim Pro Vape

  • 5-30W Wattage Range

  • 900mAh Built-In Battery

  • Type-C Fast-Charging

  • Button Or Inhale Activation

  • 2ml Top Filling Pods

  • Adjustable Airflow

  • Smart & Power Modes for Customization

Unbeatable Price of Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Kit at Vapes World

Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Kit is now available at Vapes World for a fantastic price. To fulfil our dedication to providing amazing deals, we guarantee all individuals, regardless of experience level, can access this high-tech vaping device. At Vapes World, we take pride in offering great value while maintaining high-quality standards. Therefore, you can enjoy a high-quality vaping experience with the Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Kit at affordable prices. 

What Makes Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Kit Different From Other Kits?

The Oxva Xlim Pro Pods provide users with the ability to adjust their vaping experience through a wide wattage range of 5 to 30 watts. This selection caters to different e-liquids and preferences. Thus, it offers mild and strong vapour production options to meet personal preferences.

With a robust 900mAh internal battery, the Oxva Xlim Pro guarantees long-lasting vaping experiences. Moreover, this large battery capacity decreases the requirement for frequent charging and makes it perfect for use throughout the day.

The Oxva Pro Pods can quickly and efficiently recharge thanks to the addition of Type-C fast-charging technology. Users can experience limited periods of inactivity, thanks to the device's speedy charging time in comparison to standard micro-USB chargers, which guarantees they can start vaping quickly.

Additionally, the Oxva Pro provides two ways to activate it: either by pressing a button or by inhaling. This feature offers flexibility as well as convenience for both traditional vapers who like manual control and those who prefer an intuitive, automatic vaping experience.

The top filling pods with a capacity of 2ml are created for simple and clean refilling. This function reduces any mess and makes it easier to fill up again, allowing users to easily top up their e-liquid hassle-free, keeping their vaping experience clean and efficient.

The Oxva Xlim Pro offers users the ability to customize their draw resistance with adjustable airflow. This function allows for precise adjustment of the vaping experience, improving satisfaction and versatility, whether one prefers a tight draw like a cigarette or a loser, airy vape.

The Oxva Xlim Pro Pods feature Smart and Power modes, providing personalized vaping choices. Smart mode automatically adjusts settings based on coil type, while Power mode allows for manual wattage control. These settings improve user command and ability to adapt to various vaping tastes and methods.

Why choose Vapes World for the Oxva Xlim Pro Kit?

Buy the Oxva Xlim Pod Kit from Vapes World because we always prioritize customer satisfaction with each order. Our pricing is competitive and guarantees excellent value without sacrificing quality. Additionally, we assure authenticity so that you can rely on the products you buy from us. Vapes World is the ultimate place for everything vaping, offering smooth shopping and dependable customer service. Therefore, whether you're a beginner or experienced in vaping, we aim to surpass your expectations in every purchase. Come to Vapes World and enhance your vaping experience now.


How to install and use the Oxva Pod Kit?

  • Charge the kit by using the USB-C charging cable included in your kit, which takes approximately 30 mins. 

  • Take out the XLIM pod from your device to prepare it for filling. No tools are necessary for this task because the pod is secured using magnets.

  • To recharge your pod, find and extract the rubber plug from the lateral part of the pod. 

  • Put the rubber plug back into the container after you have finished filling it. Afterwards, reinsert the pod into your device.

  • After you have put your kit back together, allow it to stand upright for ten minutes. This allows your e-liquid to absorb and prepare the coil.

  • To access your kit, quickly press the power button five times, then either inhale through the mouthpiece or press the button to begin vaping.

What is the process for filling out my Oxva pod?

To refill your Oxva pod, take out the pod from the device, find the silicone plug on the side, and carefully open it. Put your favourite e-liquid in the pod by filling it through the top port, making sure not to fill it too much, and then put the silicone plug back in securely.

What is the duration of the battery life of the Oxva Xlim Pro?

The Oxva Xlim Pro's 1000mAh battery can provide a whole day's use on average settings, depending on how it is used. Moreover, charging with the provided Type-C cable regularly maintains longer battery life and continuous vaping sessions.

What is the activation process for the Oxva Pro?

To turn on the Oxva Pro pod, you can either press the button on the device or inhale through the mouthpiece. Users have the option to select manual button activation for precise control or automatic inhale activation for a more intuitive vaping experience.